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We are a national sorority dedicated to helping women become the best they can be. We encourage individuality and foster discovery and development of talents and abilities that make our members unique. We also value togetherness, friendship and a sense of belonging that last a lifetime. Being a sister of Alpha Epsilon Phi means there's always someone to laugh when you laugh, listen when you talk, and be there for you unconditionally.



Welcome to the Rho Chapter of Alpha Epsilon Phi at The Ohio State University. Please take the time to look through our website and browse through all of the amazing things that make Rho Chapter so special. 


My name is Maddie Abrams and I am the current president. Being able to lead this special and unique chapter is such an honor. I am so lucky to have these remarkable opportunities and to be a leader for such amazing women. 


I remember going through recruitment and not knowing where I would end up or how my recruitment experience would pan out, and that left me uneasy. However, the one thing I was continually sure of after every round is that I felt so comfortable and at home each time I stepped through the AEPhi doors. Two years later, AEPhi has given me more than just life-long friendships, but has allowed me to grow into a more mature, confident, and secure person. I have made connections with not only all the girls in my pledge class, but with everyone in the sorority and other Greek members on The Ohio State campus.


I can say with confidence that joining AEPhi has been the greatest decision I have made in my time at The Ohio State University thus far. I have gained many life skills such as leadership, passion, and inclusivity to name a few. I have learned how amazing AEPhi is and how I want to ensure that everyone knows how lucky and special they are to be a part of such an amazing chapter. Alpha Epsilon Phi has truly impacted my life for the better and I will forever be grateful for the opportunities it has given me and the people I have met from being a part of this special organization.


Thank you so much for taking the time to read my words and browsing our website. I hope you enjoy everything our chapter has to love and offer! 




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